No one can explain this weather!

Weird Weather

Weirdest Weather

As unpredicatable the weather is here in the UK, we generally expect it to be one of two things: dull or miserable. But sometimes things can get downright mythical! Yes. We’re talking raining frogs.

Blood, frogs and bedbugs

Things will become weird. We are talking about the end of the weird times. But do not worry. These are certainly not (probably) a sign of the apocalypse.

Rain of blood: So, here is something confusing. The rain of blood is pretty common as it has its own Wikipedia entry. The most recent example of this phenomenon occurred in 2001, when a red shower fell on the Indian state of Kerala. In case you worry that this is one of the classic Egyptian pests that come back to haunt us, do not do it. The initial reports were pretty sure it was just an alien invasion. Subsequent analyzes, performed by scientists who were not stoned, showed that a proliferation of red algae was responsible for the crimson precipitation.

Bugnados: You know, it’s probably our personal nightmare. A “bugnado” is, unfortunately, exactly what it sounds like: a swirling column of buzzing midges reaching high in the sky. They do not reach dangerous speeds and will not cause lasting damage (other than the psychological damage caused by running one with their mouths open), but they are still very odd, if you ask us. They are basically the same thing as dust devils, which are caused by hot spots on the ground pushing the air upward in a vortex. It’s just that these demons are full of living creatures

Rain of frogs (and birds and fishes):  Here is another type of rain that is probably a little more common than you think. The United Kingdom seems to be a favorite of airborne amphibians: in 1996, a rain of frogs struck Llandewi, Wales, and in 1998, this happened again in London. In 2010, Arkansas was hit by an unfortunate flock of blackbirds, and something similar happened to a group of Italian doves the following year. But the strangest must be Lluvia de Peces of Honduras. Every year, in May or June, the village of Yoro celebrates an annual storm that leaves thousands of fish in the streets. Scientists are not quite sure of the causes of these rains (probably because there is not only one cause), but a theory that seems likely in many cases says that tornadoes and other storms attract the unlucky animals and lay them alive, miles from the house.

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