Food is arguably one of the best things we have in this world. We love eating, all of us. Whether it’s some delicious chocolate or a spicy chicken wing, it’s great. Some people are much more adventurous eating things like snakes, dogs and much more weird stuff. But, did you know that the things below are edible, yes whilst we don’t recommend them, you really can eat them!


Did you know you can buy edible paper online, there is even rice paper which is totally edible! These types of papers are usually used to print images onto cakes and other food. This allows them to create cool designs and best of all – they taste good!


Every single part of a Dandelion is edible, did you also know that they’re really healthy too! So what are you waiting for, start making a Dandelion salad!


Certain type of Wood from trees is edible, yes you heard me right. There is a Yacaratiá tree, which is an edible form of wood. Infact, the wood can be soaked in different honies and syrup and can be downright tasty!

Tree Bark

In addition to wood, the cambium layer of bark is almost always edible. Did you know that cinnamon comes from a tree bark?

Bird’s nest

Yes! In plenty of Asian countries, Bird’s Nest soup is really popular. The Edible-nest swiftlet is a small bird of the Swift family and its nest is used to make bird’s nest soup.

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