Journey through technological inventions

Join us on a journey throught the technology timeline.

Have you always wondered many different inventions that explain why you are here today?

Are you unsure who made these inventions? Well this is a short video crediting all those pioneers who used their minds to create something so beautiful and precise.

We are always unaware of the effect technology has on our lives, we always forget about it, our lives would be completely different if there was no technology. Our world is continually looking to make new things, even better, even greater more innovative.

Also featured in this video are some 2014 releases such as: Apple iWatch which just like the other Apple product has got a lot of excitement and also criticism in this case. There is a very inspirational quote by Steve Jobs (1955-2011) at the end which explains our mentality. We live like ordinary people, act like ordinary people, but all those great pioneers were normal people at one point of their lives. In fact if you think that you are facing problems, then let me tell you this, Steve Jobs was left by his mother and was adopted by a american family.

Image result for iwatch free image

There is always time for change, use your life to the fullest.


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