New York or London? Which one is better?

London - tower bridge
London - tower bridge

The battle of two great cities huh, well let’s see which one is better?

New York is cheaper for both inhabitants and tourists.

London has a lower unemployment rate – only slightly.

New York wins on food, it has a much larger variety.

London wins on nightlife, it has much more bars and clubs.

London wins on attractions as it has more than NYC, and many of them are free.

New York wins on convenience as its public transport is 24 hours and stores too.

London is much less crowded than NYC, so it is better in this respect.

Surprisingly, London wins on weather as it has less precipitation and milder temperatures.

London has much more green space.

So as you can see it’s a tough comparison, although after living in London and visiting NYC many times, I’m going to go with London for overall result.

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