Fashion mistakes you should avoid


Here are some crucial fashion tips that all men should follow – please, do yourself a favour and follow these rules to avoid immediate embarrassment.

1 – Never wear white socks with black shoes. Who do you think you are? Michael Jackson?

2 – Please, oh please do not wear your pants half way down your butt in a way that will show your boxers. I’ve seen this all too often and I’m scarred for life.

Baggy pants picture

3 – Dress according to your body – not to big or too small. You really want to look like this guy?

4 – Black pants go with pretty much every colour shirt. Use ’em!

5 – Avoid pink socks at all costs.

6 – No socks with sandals, I sincerely hope I don’t have to explain this one to you.

fashion mistakes - socks with sandals

7. Oh yeah, and keep you fly fully up and zipped.

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