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FloraChain – Blockchain Meets the Floral Industry

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Implantable Technologies

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What is Ethercraft? A Decentralised RPG running on Ethereum

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Blockchain and flowers are not two words that often find themselves together, but with the huge advancements that blockchain can provide to drive supply chain transparency; it is evident that the impact of blockchain on the floral industry will undoubtedly be huge. We discuss FloraChain, which tackles exactly this problem, and conduct an in-depth technical …

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Implantable Technologies

As we embrace the digital age, people are becoming more and more connected to devices, and those devices are increasingly becoming connected to their bodies. We are seeing a paradigm shift where devices are not just being worn, but also implanted into bodies, serving communications, location and behaviour monitoring, and health functions. We can see …

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Ethereum is an open source, public blockchain which features the smart contract functionality. Over the year, Ethereum has grown to be one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world, in fact as of writing this article it sits at #2 rankings based on a tremendous 130 billion market cap. Ethereum has plenty of use cases …

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So, you know nothing about crypto currencies but you want to buy yourself some IOTA? Well then keep reading! This guide is designed to show you the in’s and outs of everything you’ll need to get started, and also has valuable advice and information from someone that’s been in IOTA since it first hit the …

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