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How To Buy IOTA Guide – The Cryptocurrency That Will Be Massive!

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So, you know nothing about crypto currencies but you want to buy yourself some IOTA? Well then keep reading! This guide is designed to show you the in’s and outs of everything you’ll need to get started, and also has valuable advice and information from someone that’s been in IOTA since it first hit the …

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Here are some crucial fashion tips that all men should follow – please, do yourself a favour and follow these rules to avoid immediate embarrassment. 1 – Never wear white socks with black shoes. Who do you think you are? Michael Jackson? 2 – Please, oh please do not wear your pants half way down …

London - tower bridge

The battle of two great cities huh, well let’s see which one is better? New York is cheaper for both inhabitants and tourists. London has a lower unemployment rate – only slightly. New York wins on food, it has a much larger variety. London wins on nightlife, it has much more bars and clubs. London wins on attractions as it has more …

Republic of Molossia

A new country on your own? Officially recognised, it’s very unlikely, since you need a lot of people to agree. However if that is not possible then there is still a chance, because the Republic of Molossia, is a better example. This was a  country created and inhabited by only one person, Kevin Baugh, and is …