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Journey through technological inventions

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Suprising things that you can eat

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No one can explain this weather!

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Join us on a journey throught the technology timeline. Have you always wondered many different inventions that explain why you are here today? Are you unsure who made these inventions? Well this is a short video crediting all those pioneers who used their minds to create something so beautiful and precise. We are always unaware …

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Food is arguably one of the best things we have in this world. We love eating, all of us. Whether it’s some delicious chocolate or a spicy chicken wing, it’s great. Some people are much more adventurous eating things like snakes, dogs and much more weird stuff. But, did you know that the things below …

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As unpredicatable the weather is here in the UK, we generally expect it to be one of two things: dull or miserable. But sometimes things can get downright mythical! Yes. We’re talking raining frogs. Blood, frogs and bedbugs Things will become weird. We are talking about the end of the weird times. But do not …