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Here are some crucial fashion tips that all men should follow – please, do yourself a favour and follow these rules to avoid immediate embarrassment. 1 – Never wear white socks with black shoes. Who do you think you are? Michael Jackson? 2 – Please, oh please do not wear your pants half way down …

London - tower bridge

The battle of two great cities huh, well let’s see which one is better? New York is cheaper for both inhabitants and tourists. London has a lower unemployment rate – only slightly. New York wins on food, it has a much larger variety. London wins on nightlife, it has much more bars and clubs. London wins on attractions as it has more …

Republic of Molossia

A new country on your own? Officially recognised, it’s very unlikely, since you need a lot of people to agree. However if that is not possible then there is still a chance, because the Republic of Molossia, is a better example. This was a  country created and inhabited by only one person, Kevin Baugh, and is …